The DAC relies on the community to provide us with materials for processing — all of which needs to be dropped off at the Arrowhead Recycling Center on Recycling Center Drive in Two Harbors. (Map)

DAC employees sort, prepare and package this post-consumer waste for sale as recyclable raw materials.

Not only do the proceeds from these activities go toward supporting DAC services, the materials themselves are necessary to keep our people working.

Our DAC is contracted through Lake County Solid Waste Department to provide laborers to process materials. We do this by employing 11 individuals who bring a variety of abilities to their recycling center work site.

Along with four full-time program staff and seven program participants, we work Monday through Friday processing your recyclables. Extended weekday and Saturday hours are operated by a DAC staff member.

As the market shifts, we are continuing our efforts to provide the public the opportunity to drop off their items for recycling. At times, the market shifts to a point where some items become unmarketable or unusable to the businesses purchasing our recyclables. This can be frustrating to the public when an item that was once recyclable is now simply trash.

Please be patient when asked to modify your recycling habits. We will do our best to provide you with the most up-to-date information on this issue.