Service Notice

September 21, 2020 – Happy Fall

The DAC’s services have returned but not to a full day pre-Covid19.

We are operating on a smaller scale and can only provide a partial day of services onsite at the 2nd Avenue facility.

At this time we are limited visitors and volunteers but are hopeful to be able to open our doors as usual in the near future.

For the most current hours of operative and times of service, please call 218-834-5767,

To those who are stepping in and caring for the people we serve in our absence, a generous thank you for the sacrifices you are making!

And finally, to those we serve, all of this can be a lot to process. Know you are valued, especially during challenging times like this this!

Be well,


Michelle McDonald





Our mission and organizational goals at the DAC are simple, and hold true over 45 years after they were written:

“To support each individual to achieve the highest level of independence”

The Lake County Developmental Achievement Center, located in Two Harbors, Minnesota, is a non-profit organization supported by the local community. Support includes both monetary donations as well as donations of time and talent.

 Our thanks to the following funders for their generous support of DAC programming:

  • Cooperative Light & Power – Operation Round Up
  • G. Kendall Smith Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
  • Lake County
  • MN Department of Human Services
  • Northland Foundation
  • Two Harbors Area Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
  • Cliffs Foundation
  • Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation
  • Louisiana Pacific Foundation
  • Community Opportunity Fund and the Ruth H. Richards Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

We support individuals who have developmental disabilities. As important as work is in the lives of these individuals, we also support them in other ways. Our services include job skills training, supervised work settings, community integration, individualized programming, socialization skills training, and therapies.

We continually assess the needs of our clients and make changes in our programming as needed. We enter into contracts with county agencies to provide the services needed, and in conjunction with the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Labor, provide jobs and services that will assist the clients in reaching their maximum potential.

Showing dignity and respect at all times is our constant and abiding goal when working with people with developmental disabilities. We know that each individual person is unique. We know that each individual has their own style of learning, communication, and conducting their own behaviors. So each person is given opportunities to make choices in their daily lives in order to determine their own individual destiny.

Programming at the DAC not only provides individuals with needed jobs, it provides them a safe place to grow and to be part of something bigger than themselves. It provides them a safe and accepting place in their world where they can learn to become who they really are, to maximize their potential, and to go at their own pace.

They surround themselves with friends, staff and community members, who after time become an important part of their lives and lend continual support and acceptance for them. They find out that making a mistake is part of the learning process, and they don’t have be perfect to be accepted and respected.

Through the process of program development, we strive to promote the principles of community inclusion and natural supports. We utilize individualized programming to meet each person’s unique capabilities and strengths.

Referral and employment information is available by contacting our administrative team:

Michelle McDonald – Executive Director

George Hyland – Human Resource Specialist

Tina Walker – Program Director

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm

Lake County Developmental Achievement Center, Inc.

626 Second Avenue
Two Harbors, Minnesota 55616

Phone: (218) 834-5767
Fax: (218) 834-5474

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